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Do you remember the discotheques and the glamour of 1980s? Can you recollect the scenes where people wearing dresses made of shiny and metallic fabrics are glittering and sparkling because of the reflection of disco lights? Which fabric am I talking about? Yes, you are right. I am talking about Lurex. Hello, this is Tushar from Charu Creation Pvt Ltd, a fashion fabric company at Nehru Place, New Delhi. So what is Lurex?

Lurex is the registered brand name of the Lurex Company, Ltd. for a type of yarn with a metallic appearance created in 1946. “Lurex” also refers to cloth created with the yarn. The Lurex yarn is made up of thin aluminum strips, wrapped around layers of plastic films. This wrap-up makes the yarn stronger and also helps in retaining the glitter of the metal. But long before the invention of Lurex, metallic materials were already mixed to give the fabrics shine and elegance. There are records, from the Middle Ages, of the use of gold cut in very small strips, molded and wrapped in silk or cotton.

This made the product expensive and took great craftsmanship which made it a symbol of wealth, power, and luxury. Since they were metallic strips, they came with their specific shortcomings. The ribbon-like cross-sectional weave of Gold and Silver had a cutting edge which left the fabric with a harsh, rough feel to it. Apart from gold, other metallic strips got tarnished and lost their shine with time. Moreover they were also inflexible and stiff. And this is where Lurex found its USP. Lurex is light weight, does not tarnish, and is strong enough to be used in power looms to make complex woven fabrics, making new metallic fabrics possible.

In comparison to the kind of metal-like yarns constructed before, lurex came out to be soft and easy to handle. Given its softness and construction, weaving lurex is easier while keeping its charm intact. It is available in different colors and effects. Furthermore, it is versatile in its application. Besides getting woven, it can also be knitted. From being super malleable, moldable to the body, and slight transparent, Lurex is also great for draping and pleating. Friends, we can serve you with a variety of Lurex Blend Fabrics ranging from Viscose lurex , Polyester lurex, Cotton lurex, silk lurex and many more blends of lurex fabrics in colors like golden, silver and copper.

All of these fabrics can be dyed according to your requirements. Friends, I want to acknowledge you for watching this video. I hope that samples made out of our fabric collection would help you to win orders from your respective buyers and strengthen your business in these challenging times. For any further enquiry, you may also call us at +91-9971106200 or email us at charu@charu.org.in. If you find this information useful, please subscribe to this Youtube channel to get more useful information. Thanks a lot

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