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This document is an electronic record minded by the terms of the Information Technology Act, 2008 to provide legal recognition of the rules and regulations, and terms of use for accessing and using the electronic platform- and Mobile Application Charu Creation  (hereinafter referred to as the platform).

Your use of the platform, its services, and tools are governed by the following terms and conditions (Terms and Conditions) as applicable. By mere use of the platform, you shall be contracting with Charu Creation Pvt. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “platform”), the owner of the platform. These terms and conditions including the policies constitute your binding obligations, with Charu Creation Pvt Ltd.

For these Terms of Use, wherever the context so requires ‘you’ or ‘user’ shall mean any natural or legal person who has agreed to become a buyer on the platform by providing data while registering on the platform as a registered user. The term ‘Charu Creation, we, us, & our’ shall mean Charu Creation.


Charu Creation: Reward Points


  What are reward points and how to use them?

Charu Creation’s reward points are an easy way to access self-generated discounts on online shopping from Charu Creation’s website, & Mobile Application Charu Creation. These reward points can be earned and redeemed through the following process:

  1. To access the reward points, you must sign up and create a registered account on the Charu Creation website or Mobile Application.
  2. Login to the registered account and enjoy online shopping on the platform. Place the order and checkout.
  3. The drop-down menu bar accessed from the top-left corner will allow you to access your Charu Creation account. You may check your placed orders from this menu, or from the dashboard. Use this pathway to open access to your placed orders.
  4. Notice the review button next to each SKU of the items you ordered. Clicking the review button will take you to the item’s page where you can share the media showcasing your use of the bought product.
  5. Once the media file is uploaded, it will be reviewed by the Charu Creation moderators for the appropriateness of the content. Once cleared, your media review will be published publicly with the product and maybe showcased on the platform’s style wall.
  6. Each cleared moderation for a image media will grant you 10 reward points, whereas 15 reward points will be granted for each cleared video review. These reward points will be visible in your account tab on the platform. 
  7. The collected reward points can be used in future orders where you will be provided with an option to use or not-to-use your reward points at the time of checkout. The rewards can be redeemed as credit money in your Charu Creation account, with the conversion rate of 1:1 where 5 reward points equal ₹5, 10 reward points equal ₹10, 15 reward points equal ₹15, and so on.

Terms & Conditions

  1. You are eligible to earn, access, and benefit from the Charu Creation reward point discounts only if you are a registered user on the platform, and are logged in at all times during the process of earning, accessing & redeeming the reward points. You are fully responsible for the login status of your registered Charu Creation account throughout the process of earning, accessing & redeeming your reward points. Charu Creation shall not be responsible for crediting or redeeming rewards due to your failure to shop on the online platform without logging in to your registered account, or by shopping as a guest user (you must not shop as a guest user if you want to avail reward points).
  2. At the time of checkout, you will be provided with an option to redeem and use or not-to-use your reward credits, and how many to use or not-to-use. Your decision at this point will be final towards your reward benefit. If you are unable to avail your reward points at the time of checkout for whatsoever reason, you may avail your rewards in your next online shopping. Charu Creation shall not be held responsible for altering your selection to use or not-to-use reward points at any time through your order processing.
  3. To earn the reward points, you are required to upload an image or a video to the review tab. The supported file formats for images are: JPG, JPEG & PNG; the supported file formats for video are: MP4, M4V & MOV. The supported size of any media file is 100 MB. Failure to comply with these specifications would result in an upload error, and the platform will not allow you to upload your media file. It is your responsibility to arrange the media file to the given specifications in order to be considered for earning reward points. The platform does not provide an alternate location to upload the review media files. 
  4. The maximum upload limit for Media Files (Images & Videos) is 3 per product. The 3 submissions may be used for image files or video files or image and video files collectively.
  5. After successful uploading of the media file(s) (image/ video) to the review tab, the file will be moderated by the Charu Creation backend for the appropriation of the uploaded content. Typically, explicit and offensive content, content irrelevant to the item it is uploaded to, and repetitive content will result in no reward points. Whereas, unique, original, and relevant content is likely to clear the moderation process. The allotment of the reward points is subjected to moderation. Any claims against moderation would be void. 
  6. The content moderation process may take up to 7 business days.
  7. You must understand and accept that any media uploaded on any of the Charu Creation platforms (website, social media platform, etc.) would become proprietary to Charu Creation Pvt. Ltd., herein, you give permission to Charu Creation to use the uploaded media file/s as its willing proprietary. 
  8. The entire reward points system is based only on the online platform. In-store shopping will not be accounted for reward benefits. In-store submission of media files will also not be accounted for reward benefits.
  9. The redeemed money from the reward points would be credited in INR to your registered Charu Creation account. These points and credits are non-transferable to another registered or guest account, or to your personal payment method. 
  10. The reward points and the redeemed credit money does not have an expiration date and are valid for future transactions.
  11. Deleting your registered account will nullify any reward points & their benefits. Each new/ different registered account of the same user will be regarded as multiple user accounts. 
  12. Charu Creation may revise the reward points process and its terms and conditions at any time at its sole discretion.