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Are you a boutique owner looking for the solutions, for the answers to the top 7 problems faced by boutique owners but are not sure of the right place to find them? If yes, then do watch out this video till end. Hello, this is Tushar from Charu Creation Pvt Ltd, a fashion fabric company spread in 8000 square feet of area at Nehru Place, New Delhi. Friends, the first issue faced by boutique owners is that Costly fabrics eat up approximately 45% of Boutique Owners’ revenue.

But with our fabrics, you as a boutique owner can save a major chunk of your money. Our fashion fabrics are really pocket friendly, very economical. The retail prices of our fabrics start at just Rs. 49 per meter inclusive of GST. The second issue is that Boutique Owners lose 27% of their Profit Margins in Garments that are made out of fabrics not in accordance with the current Trends and Fashion Forecast. The fabrics supplied to the boutique owners by the fabric suppliers are just out of fashion.

But with us, your customers can wear Garments made out of fabrics belonging to the current trends and forecast as our dedicated Inhouse Design Team keeps our Fabric Collection in tune with upcoming fashion forecast, trends & colors. Third issue: 31 out of 100 times, Boutique Owners lose the chance to win an Order from their respective Clients as they do not have enough variety of fabrics to display.

With us, you would not face this problem as you would have the luxury of choosing fabrics from our collection of more than 22000 unique designs on a large variety of different fabrics like Cottons, Viscose Fabrics, Polyesters, Nylons, Silks, Wools, Linens, Blended Fabrics and many more. Our wide variety of Ikat, Kalamkari, Shibori, Ajrakh, Chiffon, Georgette, Corduroy, Twill, Poplin, Cambric, Voile, Embroidered Fabrics can insure that your customers wear garments made out of diverse variety of fabrics.

The fourth issue is that 25 out of 100 times, boutique owners are forced to deliver Garments late to their respective customers because fabric suppliers supply the fabrics late to the boutique owners. Not to worry, our 391 collaborations with textile units and all prime logistics services like Blue dart, FedEx, DHL, etc insure that we manage 93% on time delivery of fabrics. This means you can provide an on time delivery of Garments to your customers.

Fifth issue: Because of the sub standard quality of fabrics used in the garments, Boutique Owners lose 23.3% of their Clients. The fabrics supplied to the boutique owners by the fabric suppliers are not upto the mark, they are of sub-standard quality. But with our quality check procedures like Color Fastness to Light, Crocking & Perspiration; Dry & Wet Rubbing Fastness; Check over Shrinkage & Dimensional Changes, you can be rest assured that the quality of the delivered fabrics is of industry standard.

With us, there are very rare chances that your customers would complain about substandard quality of fabrics. Sixth Issue: 53% of Boutique Owners’ Ideas regarding new Garment Collection are not executed due to the challenge of Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) constraints in fabrics posed by the fabric suppliers? 53% of ideas do not get executed because of high MOQ, Minimum Order Quantity issue.

And more than 95% of Boutique Owners have lost orders sometime in their business cycle as they were not able to procure the fabrics previously used by them. We have a solution for this. Believe it or not, for some of our designs, the Minimum Order Quantities MOQ start at just 14 meters. We can specially develop 14 meters of some fabrics just for you. This means you can execute more of your new garment collection ideas as new fabrics in less quantities can be easily developed by us.

Moreover your chances of losing a client because of Fabric MOQ challenge can reduce drastically with us. Last but not the least, 73% of Boutique Owners complain about the lack of timely response from the fabric suppliers. 73% wish for better coordinated communication with the fabric suppliers. And we provide the same. With us you get a dedicated Customer Relationship Manager which means you get all the information through a Single Window Mechanism.

Friends, we can help you to increase your profitability between 33% to 200% as we have done for Brands like Snigdha Khanor, Naina Mehta.

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