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Do you know that around 63 per cent of women struggle to find the right fit in retail clothing? Do you know that due to poor fit around 70 percent of the time the retail garments, garments which have been produced on mass scale, are either returned or rejected without even being worn once?

Besides loss of personal time and money, the problem of misfit in retail garments, garments produced on mass scale is leading to the dumping of clothes which in turn is having a disastrous effect on the environment. The textiles industry is the second biggest polluter after oil as about 3.8 billion pounds of clothing are being dumped annually. One of the major factors behind dumping of clothes is the problem of misfit. So what is the solution. The solution is – Mass customization instead of mass production. Factors like efficient manufacturing, digital inventory options and virtual customisation have led to the advent of a concept called mass customisation—the production of products that meet individual tastes with minimal waste. So now the important question is How is mass customisation done? The first and the most important thing in mass customisation is the 3-D Body Scanner. 3-D body scanner measures 110 body measurements in less than five seconds with an accuracy of 99.9 percent which makes things smooth for the consumer and also for the brand in creating an outfit that fits properly. Also, it saves a lot of time.

Next important thing is digital customization using 3-D Pattern Software. So this software allows the visualization of any garment pattern in 3 D, based on real fabric characteristics. Just imagine, you walk into a fabric store and you choose few fabrics. Now, this software would quickly turn your chosen fabrics into different virtual garments. Moreover, you would have the option of making changes to the virtual garments at the spot. You could change the collar, the sleeve or the neckline style the way you want. The next very interesting innovation is the 3D Virtual Try on. So with the help of 3D Virtual Try on, you can see yourself dressed in the virtual garments made by the 3D software using your body measurements provided by the 3 D scanners on any screen. It could be the screen of your mobile phone, your PC, TV, anything. Isn’t it amazing? So to sum up, mass customisation reduces the chances of returns, eliminates excess stock inventory and thereby leads to zero or no inventory.

Zero inventories save a huge amount of waste from being dumped annually into the environment. Friends, the technologies that I have shared with you is not something belonging to the distant future. Brands have already started using it. An Indian brand called Samshék managed by the sister-brother duo Samishka Bajaj and Abhishek Bajaj are already using these technologies. Friends, I want to acknowledge you for watching this video

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