Confused between different fabric terminologies like warp, weft, count, GSM, etc?yarn count Part 5

I described fabric terminologies like warp, weft, selvedge, Grain, fiber & Yarn. In this video, I shall explain the term Yarn Count and its measurement according to the Indirect of Fixed weight system.Count or yarn count is a numerical expression which indicates the coarseness or fineness of a yarn.

In other words, yarn count is a number indicating the mass per unit length or the length per unit mass of the yarn. There are mainly two systems or ways of yarn count measurement, these are :(a)  Indirect System / Fixed weight system ( length per unit mass )(b)  Direct system / Fixed length system( mass per unit length )Indirect system of yarn count measurement:

The indirect system or fixed weight system is the yarn count system where the count of a yarn is calculated by measuring the length of a fixed / definite mass. In this system, the count of yarn is the number of length units in one weight unit.

So, the count number indicates the length per unit mass of the yarn. That is why, higher the count, finer the yarn. In indirect count system, the mass of yarn is fixed and the length of yarn varies according to its fineness.  This system is widely used for measuring count of cotton yarns.

The formula to calculate yarn count in indirect system is simple. It is calculated by dividing variable length of the yarn by fixed mass of the yarn. Some of the most commonly used indirect systems include : 1)English cotton count (Ne) system, 2) Metric count (Nm) system, 3) Worsted count (NeK) system,4) Woollen count system.

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