What Is Muga Silk?

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I’ll describe a third of the 3 non-mulberry silks. Muga Silk: The pride of India, Magnificent Muga silk is known for its natural shimmering golden colour. Its production is confined to Assam, border areas of neighboring Northeastern states and Cooch Bihar in West Bengal. It is produced by the MUGA silkworms (Antheraea assamensis), which feed on Som and Sulu.

This golden yellow colour silk is prerogative  of India. Muga silk was recognized as a protected geographical indication (GI) in 2007, and was granted a GI logo for trademark purposes in 2014. The logo has been registered with the Assam Science Technology and Environment Council. The most expensive of silks, MUGA is intrinsically woven into the cultural traditions of the people of Assam. The vibrant Sualkuchi sarees and mekhla-chaddars are the traditional items made from Muga silk. In recent times, fashion designers have found exciting prospects in using muga silk for developing new products and designs.

The use of MUGA yarn as a substitute for ‘zari’ in sarees is finding favor with reputed weavers.

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