What Is Eri Silk?

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Eri Silk also known as Endi or Errandi, Eri is a multivoltine silk spun from open-ended cocoons, unlike other varieties of silk.Eri silk is the product of the domesticated silkworm, Philosamia ricini that feeds mainly on castor and Kesseru leaves. Ericulture is a household activity practiced mainly for protein rich pupae, a delicacy for the tribal people in the North eastern states of India. Resultantly, the eri cocoons are open-mouthed and are spun. Eri silk is also produced in Bihar, West Bengal and Orissa . Elegantly designed eri shawls and chaddars are quite popular because of their thermal properties. They can be blended with cotton, wool, jute or even mulberry silk to create exotic fabrics for use in jackets, or suiting material, or for producing a variety of furnishings, making it an interior decorator’s delight.

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