What are the uses of Twill Fabric?

uses of twill fabric

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What are the uses of Twill fabric?

Are you a Garment or a Home furnishings or an accessories manufacturer who is looking for an answer to the question that how Twill fabric can be used then do watch out this video for clarity.

Hello, this is Tushar from Charu Creation Pvt Ltd, a fashion fabric company at Nehru Place, New Delhi. So friends, before telling you about the uses of Twill fabric, I will quickly explain what Twill is. Twill is a general term used for woven fabrics that are woven with a twill weave construction.

It is one of three fundamental types of textile weaves along with plain weave and satin. In Twill weave, one thread goes over and under 2 threads repeatedly. The weft thread is passed over one or more warp threads and then under two or more warp threads and so on, with a “step” or offset between rows to create the characteristic diagonal pattern.

This diagonal pattern is its most predominant feature. The high thread count of twill, due to its tightly woven construction, gives this textile potential to be both water and wind resistant. If you are seeking a material which is sturdy and robust but still has a lovely drape, then twill fabric is the best option. Thanks to its diagonal weave, it drapes better than plain weave fabrics.

Another key advantage is that twill withstands heavy wear and tear, making it a great choice for home furnishings, outerwear and jeans. It doesn’t need to be ironed as frequently as a plain weave and is relatively easy to repair if it gets snagged.

Traditionally made from cotton, twill fabric is a popular choice for when a heavy and sturdier fabric is required. There are 3 kinds of basic twill fabric and each has its own purpose: Lightweight – also known as surah or foulard. Lightweight twill fabrics are made of silk or synthetic fabric, such as polyester. Although the fabric used is thin, the weave makes it quite durable. This material is used for items such as neck ties, lingerie, slips and linings.

Heavy twill – also known as serge. Heavier twills are traditionally used for outerwear, such as trench coats. Generally, Thicker versions are used for work clothing. Denim – generally has blue cotton yarns in one direction and white cotton yarns in the other direction. It is strong and durable and a very popular choice for jeans. Other twill weaves that are often used for clothing include, calvary twill – smooth, made from wool with diagonal lines, drill – heavy, made from cotton, and chino – relatively lightweight, made from cotton.

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