WGSN Color Trend Forecast 2020 – Purist Blue Collection.

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In my previous video, I described Yellow Mellow as the first color recommended by WGSN and COloro WGSN, the authority of fashion trend analysis and prediction, cooperated with the color company “Coloro” to predict the 5 colors of year 2020. The second color recommended by WGSN for 2020 is purist blue or pure blue. The number designated to Purist Blue by the color company “The Coloro” is 093 76 17.

By 2020, the trend blue will evolve into Purist Blue, a sunny and soft blue. Artist Louise Bourgeois points out that “color is stronger than language, which is subconscious communication. “We may not be aware, but color can change our consciousness and arouse our emotions. Blue is the symbol color of deep sea and vast sky. It has been used for centuries to link heaven and sky in oil paintings. This pure blue Purist Blue represents the concepts of peace, meditation and fantasy. Blue itself has a cool tone. Compared with the enthusiasm and vitality of warm colors such as red and orange, blue appears calm and serious. As a result, more and more brands began to “adjust” on blue, hoping to make the color more “approachable”.

Purist Blue can be seen in fashion, interior design and the automotive industry. Hermes, Fiorucci, and other brands have begun to use this tone to design different fashion items. We present you diverse shades of purist blue in variety of fabrics like… To know more about fabrics and to know how we can help your apparel and home furnishing business grow, contact us at +91-9818435005 or visit us at charu.org.in Do remember to watch my next video on the third color recommended by WGSN. Please subscribe to our you tube channel named “Charu Creation Pvt Ltd” and press the bell icon to get more infos on fabrics. In order to improve ourselves, we request you to post your views in the comment box.

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