WGSN Color Trend Forecast 2020 – Neo-Mint

Neon Color Fabrics By Charu Creation

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I described Yellow Mellow, Purist Blue, Cassis as the first 3 colors recommended by WGSN and Coloro. The fourth key color recommended by WGSN and Coloro for 2020 is Neo-Mint.

Neo Mint is the Colour between Scientific Technology & Nature. The number designated to Neo-Mint by the color company “The Coloro” is 065 80 23. By 2020, the Millennial Pink boom will turn into Neo-Mint mint green. It also refers to the light mint green, which will become another choice of “gray” in contemporary color selection.

Neo-Mint symbolizes the blend of nature and technology, while using colder tones, giving a sense of optimism and calm, and soothing our anxiety about climate and geographic change.

Whether it’s interior design, shoes or sportswear, Neo-Mint is a good match choice. The trend of Neo-Mint has gradually emerged in the fashion industry. Men’s wear in autumn and winter of Stone Island 18-19 and Prada women’s wear in recent years have seen a lot of menthol green elements.

We present you diverse shades of Neo mint in variety of fabrics like… Charu Creation Pvt. Limited was established in the year 1993 and has since been successfully engaging in the retail, trade and export of more than 21000 SKUs of export and fashion fabrics

Neo Mint Color Fabriics

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