WGSN Color Trend Forecast 2020 – Mellow Yellow Fabric Collection.


WGSN, the authority of fashion trend analysis and prediction, cooperated with the color company “Coloro” to predict the 5 colors of year 2020. The first color recommended by WGSN for 2020 is yellow mellow also called retro yellow. The number designated to Yellow Mellow by the color company “The Coloro” is 034-70-33.From fresh yellow and orange, which are popular in fashion circles in the last three years, it will become more Earth-like and retro-classical yellow in 2020.

At the same time, the tone becomes deeper. Yellow will hit the mass market as it shifts to the deeper tone of Mellow Yellow, feeding into the ongoing popularity of earthly baked hues. We present you diverse shades of mellow yellow in variety of fabrics like…To know more about fabrics and to know how we can help your apparel and home furnishing business grow, contact us at +91-9971106200 or visit us at charu.org.in

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