WGSN Color Trend Forecast 2020 – Cassis

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I described Yellow Mellow and Purist Blue as the first 2 colours recommended by WGSN and Coloro. The third key colour recommended by WGSN and Coloro for 2020 is Cassis. The number designated to Cassis by the color company “The Coloro” is 158 51 16. Cassis is a combination of purple and pink.

Elegant Cassis is gender neutral and represents taste, colour and wealth. Cassis has the charm of pink and purple tones, which adds vitality to the mysterious purple. And purple itself symbolizes the Royal nobility, but also reminds people of the words of magnificence and decline. Cassis, which symbolizes romance and youth  is gentle and contains rich emotions at the same time.

Continuing the gentleness and femininity of Millennial Pink, it is estimated that this tone will set off a boom in Europe, the United States and the Asia-Pacific region. This color is expected to be popular in fashion, especially in men’s casual wear and shoes. It is also a good choice for jewelry and wall design.

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