what is lurex?

A company named Lurex introduced and trademarked a metallic yarn in 1946. The shimmery yarn famously came to be known by the company’s name- lurex.

Moss crepe Lurex - Crepe Fabric - Lurex fabric -Cloth - Charu Creation

Moss Crepe Lurex

what is it made of?

The yarn is made up of thin aluminum strips, wrapped around layers of plastic films. This wrap-up makes the yarn stronger and also helps in retaining the glitter of the metal. In comparison to the kind of metal-like yarns constructed before, lurex came out to be soft and easy to handle. Given its softness and construction, weaving lurex is easier while keeping its charm intact.


Since it’s a yarn, it can be weaved with many variables. Be it an addition to the shimmer of silk or cotton, it can be weaved with all kinds of yarns. 

Namely Rayon Lurex, Cotton Lurex, Silk Lurex, Polyester Lurex, it is available in all sorts of qualities.

Rayon Lurex - Rayon Fabric - Lurex fabric - Cloth - Charu Creation

Rayon Lurex Fabric

metallic fabrics and their journey

Metallic fabrics have been around since as early as the 12th century. They were initially made up of thin strips of gold or silver, wrapped around cotton or silk yarns. This made the product expensive and took great craftsmanship which made it a symbol of wealth, power, and luxury.

Since they were metallic strips, they came with their specific shortcomings. The ribbon-like cross-sectional weave of Gold and Silver had a cutting edge which left the fabric with a harsh, rough feel to it. Apart from gold, other metallic strips get tarnished and lose it’s shine with time while also being inflexible and stiff.

Being around for a long time, metallic yarns have been used comprehensively for their decorative purpose and have been enhanced over the years. Hence, yarns like Lurex were formed and a new idea to the look of the fabric had been introduced.

Poly Chiffon Lurex - Chiffon Fabric - Polyester Fabric - Lurex fabric - Cloth - Charu Creation

Poly Chiffon Lurex Fabric

The company’s two slogans being

“Yarns for designers” and “Adds a new

brilliance to Fashion” fit perfectly to

the personality of Lurex.

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