Polyester Fabric as Lining Material

Polyester Fabric As Lining Material

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 In all ready to wear clothes polyester lining is the most often used lining material- because it is inexpensive. Another reason for using Polyester fabric is that it does not wrinkle.

It is a shiny synthetic fabric that is very easy to care for. It is cheap and may look cheap. Another disadvantage is that it is not breathable and does not absorb sweat so may make you uncomfortable if you wear it long. There are multiple types of polyester fabrics which can be used for lining purposes.

Let’s discuss them one by one. We start with Polyester Taffeta. It is a great material for lining Jackets as it is both decorative and soft to touch. Polyester taffeta is your lining fabric if you want a crisp tightly woven lining. Taffeta fabric holds its shape well.

Taffeta has a lustrous shine and a smooth surface. However it has some disadvantages also. The material is slippery and can be hard to work upon on a sewing machine. To make taffeta a little bit easier to work with, try pre-washing the fabric to make it softer and use a sharp needle. Another disadvantage is that it snags easily.

Then comes Poly Silk. Poly silk is a cheap alternative to the expensive silk lining. It is soft, silky drapey and lightweight. This fabric is extremely versatile and can be used in a variety of applications. It can be used as lining fabric for crafts, such as purses and wallets, and for apparel creations, such as jackets and suits.

Then comes Polyester Satin. It is often used because of the soft feel. Satin usually has a smooth surface on the face and a matt surface on the back. Satin is available in many weights and many price variations so it is a favourite as a lining fabric for inexpensive evening wear and costumes. Next is Polycotton. It is another favourite with more weight – it is a blend of 50% Cotton, 50% Polyester fibers and is great as a curtain liner. Then comes Polyester organza. It is good as a sheer lining for lace fabrics.

Polyester Fabric

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