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Win Cash Discounts, Cash Discounts, Cash Discounts on Charu Creation’s Portal, How? Simple, just showcase your creative products made out of Charu Creation’s Fabrics & there you go! Hello, this is Tushar Bhatia from Charu Creation Pvt Ltd., a fashion fabric company from Nehru Place, New Delhi. Friends, now you can win Reward Points worth Cash Discounts on Charu Creation’s website and Mobile App by showcasing the products made out of Charu Creation’s Fabrics.

I will elaborately explain how the whole process works. The moment you order something on our website or mobile app, you get automatically registered. You receive your login credentials and password on the email that you entered during the checkout process. Now once you have created something out of our fabrics (which means the products made out of Charu Creation’s Fabrics are ready), you just have to login in our website or mobile app and go to the placed order section from the Dashboard. By clicking on the respective placed order number, all the products in that particular placed order open up. Notice the review button next to each SKU of the items you ordered.

Clicking the review button will take you to the item’s page where you can share the media showcasing your use of the purchased fabric. Let’s say you created a Shirt from a particular fabric. So now you have to upload your image or video or both dressed in this particular Shirt. Once your content gets moderated, your Account gets credited with Reward Points. For a video along with your product, you get 15 Reward Points worth Rs 15 while an image along with your product could make you win 10 Reward Points worth Rs 10. All these Reward Points could be redeemed as Cash Discounts during your next Order.

Now, the important thing that you have to remember is that you have to be logged in for redeeming Reward Points. You do not have to checkout as a Guest. I repeat “You do not have to checkout as a Guest.” In case you lose your password, you can always select the “Forgot Password” Option. For more information, click on the link given in the description of the video. You may also call or watsapp us at +91-9971106200 or email us at Thanks a lot

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