Featured Designer: Ananya Modi Jain

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Ananya is One of the Lakmé Fashion Week 2020 Gen Next designers. Ananya Modi Jain’s label ALL2DEFY identifies itself as an Indian transeasonal urbanwear label. Founded in 2018, ALL2DEFY caters to the youth of today, by offering transitional pieces that can get one from day to night, depending on the way one styles them.

Ananya is a bachelor of Fine Arts in Fashion Design-Womenswear from Parsons School of Design in New York and a Masters in Luxury Accessory Design and Management from Istituto Marangoni Milan. So let’s talk about Ananya’s Brand ALL2DEFY: From urbanised hoodies, windcheaters, bomber jackets, hoodies, joggers, bermuda shorts, biker jackets, sweatshirts, cropped trousers, waist jackets, vests, and wrap skirts, Ananya takes on a holistic approach when it comes to urban fashion. An blend of style, form, and function, ALL2DEFY’s designs juxtapose minimalist aesthetics, boundary-pushing proportions and construction techniques. ALL2DEFY stems from an idea to defy societal norms with a need to bring about a cultural revolution wherein the products remind consumers of their greater responsibility and role in the world.

Ananya’s Label is just not any other brand but a conversation with a subtle meaning attached to it. What is Anaya’a Label, ALL2DEFY’s USP: Ranging from a variety of knits and woven fabrics which are lightweight, to genuine leather which goes in some of ALL2DEFY’s backpacks and laptop bags, Ananya works with a slew of different materials that are all locally sourced. Bold and vibrant prints pose as a USP for the youth-centric label by lending a fresh twist to the garments by defying societal taboos via witty graphics. Built on the concept of ‘Make in India’, ALL2DEFY sources all its raw materials, including fabrics, from across India and is completely manufactured in Delhi. ALL2DEFY is a complete ‘Made in India’ brand. Ananya’s textiles, including her prints, colours and embroideries, are all developed by her in-house.

Ananya uses witty graphics. Even her embroidery is very eclectic; it is not Indianised in its look at all. She develops her embroideries in tandem with the prints that she is working on in the collection so it’s always in tune with the design language of the prints. She experiments a lot with functional detailing. One of her bestselling outerwear pieces has been a reversible jacket, wherein there is a print on one side and a solid colour one the other side. According to her, most of her customers today are actually interested in purchasing one piece of garment which offers them the option of two contrasting garments. Now, Let us talk about ALL2DEFY’s Market: Being in one of the first urbanwear brands in the Indian industry, ALL2DEFY falls in the bracket of affordable luxury which brings the two worlds of quality and style together.

Priced between Rs. 4,000 and Rs. 40,000, ALL2DEFY’s products are available online on the brand’s website all2defy.com and with multi designer retailers such as Curato, AZA, Ogaan, Azra, Nykaa Fashion, Como Collective, Jhelum Online, and Vesimi in Dubai. This extensive network allows the designer to reach multiple retail locations across India spanning even Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities, as well as internationally. Surprisingly, Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities form a major chunk of ALL2DEFY’s client base. A constant work-in-progress, ALL2DEFY is an urban wear brand possessing strong visual appeal communicated via quirky prints, with special consideration to the unique messages the youth of today may want to convey to the world. Ananya’s collections are designed to complete and complement one another, from one season to another.

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