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Cotton Voile

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Are you a Garments, Accessories, Home furnishings or a Shoe Manufacturer who wants to know more about the Fabric Cotton Voile? If yes, then do watch out this video till end. Hello, this is Tushar from Charu Creation Pvt Ltd, a fashion fabric company at Nehru Place, New Delhi. So friends, Cotton Voile is a semi-sheer, lightweight, plain woven fabric made from 100% cotton. It has higher yarn count than most cotton fabrics, which results in a silky soft hand. Generally it has a yarn count of 80. 

Voile is a french term which means veil in English. Cotton Voile is a perfect dressmaking option for summers because it is lightweight, breathable and semi-sheer. It allows the air to pass through, providing comfort even on the most scorching day. Think of 40 degrees celsius and above, this fabric is the answer. Cotton voile is a perfect option for casual clothes. Chances are you won’t find it in evening wear, because it does not look dressy enough compared to a number of ‘special occasion’ fabrics like chiffon, jacquard or 

Georgette. But it’s one of the best materials for everyday wear. After all, cotton is hypoallergenic, which means it is great with sensitive skin. Solid or printed voile is a perfect choice for making a men’s shirt, a shirtdress,

a chemisier, a tunic, a layered skirt, a sundress, a summer scarf, lingerie like a nightgown or a bralette. Printed cotton voile is a wonderful choice for a statement-making outfit, whether you’re going for a summer dress or a casual blouse. 

You may choose trendy colours to stay on the verge of fashion, or opt for your favourite shade. Cotton voile fabric easily makes the top five fabrics best suitable for summer apparel. Cotton voile has a light drape. It does not have any stretch. Due to its fine texture, voile fabric can also be used to line garments. Voile fabric is versatile, which means it is great both for apparel and home décor. You’ll often find voile in craft projects such as pillowcases, cushions, doilies, doll’s dresses and more. 

This gauzy fabric is also one of the favourites when it comes to creating lightweight curtains. It filters the sunlight and floods any room with natural light. Well, this fabric has some shortcomings too. For some of us it might appear too revealing. If you prefer less see-through materials, you can either add lining to your voile garment or wear it over an opaque item such as a camisole. Plus, like all cotton fabrics, cotton voile wrinkles easily and absorbs water. It is not comfortable to wear when wet.

Now, let us discuss about the Care recommendations for Cotton Voile. 

  1. Wash by hand preferably in cold water
  2. Allow it to air dry hung on a hanger
  3. Iron on low heat, covering with a press cloth.

Remember friends, high temperatures during washing and ironing will most likely destroy any cotton fabric, so avoid them completely. Mind that cotton voile wrinkles more than synthetic voile, but the benefits of having something natural against one’s skin is worth spending

a little bit of time on pressing. As for sewing tips, voile is perfect for beginner sewists. It is slightly slippery, but does not shift as much on the table as chiffon or organza. Pin voile fabric before cutting and marking, and you’ll enjoy the whole process. Another tip would be to pre-wash the fabric before sewing – cotton is prone to shrinkage, so this way you’ll be able to get correct measurements once the fabric is dry. And, last but not least, finish all the edges to stop fraying.

Friends, to view our collection of Cotton Voile Fabrics, click on the link given in the description of the video. Friends, I hope that products made out of our fabric collection would make your ventures profitable. For any enquiry regarding fabrics, you may call us at +91-9971106200 or email us at charu@charu.org.in. For regular updates, subscribe to this Youtube channel & press the bell icon. Thanks a lot.


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