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Digital Marketing on youtube, facebook, instagram, linkedin, watsapp is very very important these days but these digital marketing agencies are charging hell lot of money. It is so confusing. One just doesn’t know what to do. If you are a Garment Exporter, Boutique Owner, Fashion Designer or a Simple Garment Manufacturer and are confused regarding Digital Marketing and you don’t know what to do about digital marketing then do watch out this video.

I can help you out. Hello, this is Tushar from Charu Creation Pvt Ltd, a fashion fabric company at Nehru Place, New Delhi operational in the fashion industry for the last 35+ years. I will quickly explain how can I help you regarding Digital Marketing. Friends, we have been serving 11000+ customers spread across 50+ countries successfully for the last 35+ years. These 11000+ customers include Buying Houses, Buying Agents, Garment Exporters, Online and Offline Retailers, Fashion Designers, Boutique Owners, thousands and thousands of end customers who prefer customized clothing. Now, we will showcase your garments made out of our fabrics free of cost to our 11000+ customers with whom we are connected on Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Linkedin and Watsapp.

Apart from these 11000+ customers, your garments will be visible on our website in a dedicated section to 7900+ new website visitors everyday. Our in house Digital Marketing team will make videos, creatives, blogs, stories of your garments, your creativity and post it on all our Digital Platforms. Your name, company and brand name, contact details like your mobile number, email, website, etc would be there with your garments for everybody to see so that interested people can contact you directly.

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